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I want to change the world.
「this is the voice that I was given」
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1st-Mar-2006 06:44 pm - and I won't miss my flight again...
there is a crab on my icon
&& to the tune of Jingle Bells ... about Hamilton.

Mushing through the halls
in a crazy people sleigh
up the stairs we go
laughing all the way
ha ha ha!
Seeing people stare
the administrator's glare!
People think we're crazy
but they don't understand.

// CHORUS //

Ring ring ring!
Ding ding ding!
Oh shit we're gonna be late!
So why not form a mushing line
because it is our fate?
Ring ring ring!
Ding ding ding!
Crap there's seconds left!
So we say "OH MY DUDE!" with gratitude
because there is no test.


Jog into the room
with the wrong textbooks in hand
people are still staring
and we are not caring.

In L-A-U-S-D,
we can't form conga lines
so our little mushing game
is conga in disguise!


Zoning out in class
we sit in the last rows
and on the wall before us
ESLRs kill our hopes

Sometimes we take notes
but usually we don't
so when the teachers call on us
the sounds stick in our throats!


Imprisoned in this cell
with the teacher from Peru
I'd gladly rot in hell
for a chance to say "fuck you!"

Students become snooty
the temperature is loopy
--Loony Loopy Lupin!--
hooray for non-sequiturs.


In this school of ghetto-folk
punks and jocks and emu kids
you fill find of group of freaks
that thinks you're full of shiz.

So before you graduate
make sure to eat much pizza
don't forget -- play Pokemon!
and always put ranch on fries!
(unless you're Hana)

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